SPF, which abbreviates Sender Policy Framework, is an authentication system that is aimed at blocking the so-called e-mail faking. Essentially, this means sending a message from one e-mail address and making it seem to be sent from a different one with the idea to scam in some manner the individual receiving it. If the SPF protection is running for a domain, a record which contains all mail servers authorized to send messages with addresses in the domain is generated. The record is stored on all of the DNS servers that direct the web traffic worldwide, so that they all will recognize if an email message originates from an authentic server or not. The check is performed at the very first server where the e-mail goes through and in the first case the message is forwarded, and in the second one it is removed and it never reaches the supposed recipient. Applying SPF records for your domains will stop any unwanted people from making use of your emails for harmful purposes.
SPF Protection in Web Hosting
You'll be able to activate the SPF protection service for your domain names with a few clicks inside the Hepsia Control Panel, which is included with all our Linux web hosting services. This is done through the section with the same name and you are able to enable the protection for any domain hosted on our leading-edge cloud platform. Using a very convenient interface, all you have to type in is the hostname of the mail server which will be approved to send out messages from your e-mail addresses and its IPv4 or IPv6 address. Of course, you are able to include several servers as well, when needed. In case your emails are managed on our end, you can also take advantage of a more secure option by placing a limit that e-mail messages can be sent only if your domains have our MX records. This alternative cannot be applied when your site is here, but the email addresses are with some third-party supplier. In either case, the SPF protection solution will really enhance your web security and stop others from spoofing your email addresses.
SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, that is provided with our semi-dedicated hosting, provides you with an extremely user-friendly interface to activate the SPF protection service for each domain name that you host inside your new account. Several clicks in the Emails section of Hepsia will be enough for that then you will only have to enter the hostname and the IP address of the mail server which will be allowed to send messages from your e-mails. When the e-mails are handled on our end and not by a different provider, you'll be able to raise the protection level even further and take advantage of an option for your outgoing e-mail messages to be sent only if your domain names use our MX records. This option provides you with better control and it'll eliminate any chance of someone faking your emails with the purpose of spamming and / or scamming people. It is not applicable in case only your website is on our hi-tech cloud hosting platform, while your emails are handled by a different service provider. If you aren't sure what features to pick, our technical support staff will help you 24/7.